Corporate Philosophy

ISID is dedicated to significantly contributing to the prosperity of our clients and society, with integrity as our moral backbone, by the judicious application of information technologies, working as a team of professionals who are always creative and innovative.


ISID’s FIVE Core Competencies

As one of the few prime contractors in the industry that work directly with clients, ISID has delivered sophisticated IT solutions for approximately 2,000 enterprises across a broad range of industries. By addressing advanced client requirements, ISID consistently develops next-generation technologies and expertise that are beyond the reach of any other company.


Advanced Expertise in Systemization and Business Operations
ISID meets a wide variety of IT requirements by accurately appraising the client’s business environment and strategies, as well as its unique operational characteristics and systems environmental factors.

Professional Neutrality
As a neutral partner, ISID provides optimum solution services to its clients, who are free to choose the hardware that best meets to their specific needs.

Ability to Design/Develop Large-scale, Mission-critical Systems
Based on our experience as a prime contractor in the successful completion of many large-scale projects, ISID is highly regarded for its expertise in quality, cost, and risk management.

Systems Design Performance Utilizing Advanced Internet Technologies
ISID draws on its abundant experience and know-how in systems design, utilizing advanced Internet technologies including Internet banking and e-CRM (Customer Relations Management) systems, while also maintaining an aggressive R&D program to set the pace in cutting-edge technologies.

Global Support Structure
ISID supports Japanese and international companies expanding into overseas operations through operational bases in the U.K., U.S.A., Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. The Company also supports systems operations and management on a global basis.