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ISID Announces Award-Winning Service at FIBC2017 Financial Innovation Business Conference

 “Authlete” and “TradeIt” Won Grand Prize

Information Services International-Dentsu, Ltd. (TOKYO:4812) (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President & SEO:Setsuo Kamai; “ISID”) decided on the award-winners, including the winners of the Grand Prize, from among the 29 cutting-edge financial services presented at the FIBC2017 Financial Innovation Business Conference “FIBC2017”, held in Tokyo on March 3. “Authlete” and “TradeIt” won the Grand Prize.

FIBC specializes in the FinTech field, being a communication platform  linking

financial innovation companies, financial institutions, and venture capital firms through a pitch contest and networking. FIBC calls for “providers of advanced and innovative services in the financial sector” from Japan and abroad. The participants will be given seven minutes to demonstrate how advanced and innovative their services are. The presentations were graded by a judging panel and a vote from the participants, and the winners were recognized.

With the support by well-known overseas accelerators and incubation centers, such as Level39, Plug and Play, SuperCharger, Stone & Chalk and various embassies, the event had the highest number of participants ever, 29. 15 of them were from overseas, and all presentations were given in English. This year’s event was distinguished by a host of novel and innovative services: technologies like money transfer and settlement, AI trading, authentication, and security.

The Grand Prize was awarded for the service that earned the highest scores, which the judging panel determined in five categories: “impact on financial markets,” “quality of the management team,” “innovativeness of the business model,” “business growth potential” and “possibility of becoming a global service.” An overview of the award-winning service is provided below.

■Overview of the FIBC2017 Award Service■

FinPitch Japan Grand Prize

Authlete (Authlete, Inc.)

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<Service Overview> Authlete is a cloud service providing implementations of OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect. Using Authlete, developers can implement a secure, multi-functional, and scalable authorization server/OpenID provider. Authlete focuses on authorization and can be combined with any authentication technologies.

FinPitch Overseas Grand Prize

TradeIt (TradeIt, Inc.)

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<Service Overview> TradeIt is a set of API and SDK that enables stock trading and portfolio integration on any applications, website, messaging platform, or AI product

Other Awards (Japan)

  • Audience Award: “FOLIO” (FOLIO Co.,Ltd.)
  • Norinchukin Bank Award: “QA Engine” (Studio Ousia Inc.)
  • QUICK Award: “FOLIO”   (FOLIO Co.,Ltd.)
  • Sony Financial Holdings Award: “ELK” (WALT, Inc.)
  • Special Award: “AI inside” (AI inside Inc.)

Other Awards (Overseas)

  • Audience Award: “VENTENY”(VENTENY INC.)
  • Seven Bank Award: “soCash”(SOCASH PTE LTD)
  • Mitsubishi Estate FINOLAB Award : “ Playbasis Plugin for Mobile Payments ”( Playbasis Private Limited )
  • ISID Award: “Credit Scoring engine”(Friendly Score UK LTD)

■Pitch Startups■

ZAISAN Net, Inc./ MoneySmart Inc./ Caulis Inc./ Good Moneyger Inc./ Mashroom, Inc./ Authlete, Inc. /Credit Engine, Inc./AI inside Inc. /Crowd Realty, Inc. /NestEgg, Inc. /FOLIO Co.,Ltd. /Smart Idea, inc. /Studio Ousia Inc. /WALT, Inc.

APS S.A/ Curfex/ Coolpay Pte. Ltd/ TradeIt, Inc./ Ssenstone Inc./ Installments Inc./ SOCASH PTE LTD./ Paycock Co.,Ltd./ Playbasis Private Limited/ VENTENY INC./ MOIN, Inc./ Risksave Technologies Ltd/ Call Levels Pte Ltd. /Finatext Ltd./ Friendly Score UK LTD

■FIBC website■


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