ISID was the Gold Sponsor of Asian Banking Forum 2016 East Asia: Digital Transformation in Retail Banking, which was successfully held at the Eaton Hotel, Hong Kong, from September 28th to 29th, 2016.  Following 14 years of success in Europe with the European Banking Forum. This year, the Asian Banking Forum (ABF) in Hong Kong was widely appreciated by more than 85 delegates from banking and financial institutions in East Asia.

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 “Keeping up with consumers: exploring why messaging is the future of customer engagement”
By Mr. Clinton Alver, Strategic Account Director, APAC, Live Person Inc.

During our presentation, Clinton shared the global view of digital, mobile and messaging; the evolution of communication, the lag between consumers and brands and thus how to leverage new technology to differentiate the brand from competitors, and finally highlighted how to measure customer engagement with cases studies and business benefits. Delegates showed their interest for in-depth discussion with demonstration requested.

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 ISID and Live Person Team @ Exhibition Booth at Asian Banking Forum 2016
From left to right:
Frankie Ming (ISID), Clinton Alver (LP) (Speaker at the ABF), Gladwyn Teo (LP), Robert Cheung (ISID), Stanley Sin (ISID), and Connie Hui (ISID)

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ISID and the organizer – Arena International Events Group at Asian Banking Forum 2016

At ABF East Asia, global banks presented their perspectives on how they overcome challenges with technology investment and customer centricity. In order to embrace digital transformation and move forward with effective customer engagement strategy, we see retail banks are ready for digital transformation and seek for customer engagement innovations. Positions in Digital Marketing, Digital Banking, Customer Engagement/Acquisitions and Technology were present at the Forum. Through a range of formal and informal networking opportunities and pre-arranged, face to face business meetings, we were able to discuss with the delegates for various technological advances and strategies to support banks’ business objectives to overcome key challenges created by emerging disruption.

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