Investing and Boosting Financial Innovation Since 2012


ISID recognized the wave of financial innovation sweeping around the world. Since 2012, ISID have boosted financial innovations in Japan by hosting the Financial Innovation Business Conference (FIBC), an event to spotlight innovative services in the financial sector. For many years, ISID has been monitoring financial innovation tends in Europe and the United States, as well as the financial venture business in Japan and is actively involved in the development of new services.

12316524_960408124043073_3167259538691382229_n  FIBC marks its fifth time on February 25th this year, which leads the expanding attention to FinTech in Japan, and now FIBC is recognized as “event that all new trends of FinTech in Japan appear.”

Establishment of FINOLAB, Japan’s first FinTech Hub in 2016


Connecting FinTech Startups
In partnership with Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., and Dentsu Inc., ISID established FINOLAB, a FinTech startup incubation center of Tokyo on February 21st, 2016. Aiming to generate a world scale digitized financial revolution at the heart of Japan’s financial district, to assist and connect foreign and domestic FinTech startups with currently twenty-five (25) startups in the attempt to build an ecosystem in the country.


pasted-svg-406x95 FINNOVASIA Hong Kong 2016

To support and accelerate the growth of FinTech in Asia, FINOLAB as one of the partner of FINNOVASIA 2016, a leading FinTech Event on May 30th in Hong Kong, with over 500 Attendees and 45 speakers from 18 countries. The FinTech entrepreneurs, investors, bankers and governments both in Asia and globally attended for sharing ideas and collaborating on reinvention and reimagining of the financial industry.

 Source: China Daily Asia Pacific,


To pre-celebrate FINNOVASIA conference, a Japan FinTech Night hosted for the FinTech enterpreneurs and executives from Tokyo and Hong Kong FinTech community for meet up and networking. Taking this opportunity of bringing all the FINNOVASIA attendees at the pre-party, a speech “What’s FINOLAB? – How to support FinTech ecosystem in Japan” has been given by

“What’s FINOLAB? – How to support FinTech ecosystem in Japan”
By Ms. Chie Ito (Left 2) ISID and FINOVATORS Founder

Emerging FinTech Trend to Asia

In response to the external global business environment, ISID invests and boosts up financial services innovation in a various ways through the partnership and startups programmes in Japan (ISID’s headquarter), and to Asia. ISID aims to help invigorating the market of financial services in Japan through the support for the creation and penetration of financial innovation from a technological point of view.

We surely keep our effort to support the financial services industry in leveraging the FinTech Ecosystem.