ISID offers an end-to-end Anti Money Laundering solution which integrates seamlessly with core banking system and other financial service applications offering intelligence and productive AML compliance operation.


There are five modules in AML suite:

  1. Name Checking Module (NC)
  2. Transaction Monitoring Module (TM)
  3. SWIFT Monitoring Module (SM)
  4. Risk Analyzer Module (RA)
  5. Due Diligence Module (DD)

Features & Benefits


  • Chinese version available
  • Support double byte character in name checking
  • Support multi currency transaction checking
  • SWIFT interface ready
  • Match user selectable data fields
  • User define name checking task and schedule
  • Perform very fast and accurate interactive online and scheduled checking
  • Produce a number of matching parameters that can narrow or broaden your matching results
  • Results sorted by Match Scores based on similarity measure effectively quantifies the quality of a match
  • Utilize intelligent comparison routines (i.e. fuzzy, phonetics & token) to overcome character and phonetic variations
  • Use much superior phonetic match technology when compared to the existing algorithms (e.g. Soundex, Phonix, Metaphone K)
  • Matched results can be exported to Excel spreadsheet for further analysis
  • Allow to exclude some specific customers from checking to increase the quality of matching while minimizing input/output expense


  • Adaptable for dymanic regulatory environment
  • Cost effective
  • Timely & thorough risk control
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Compliance with HKMA guidelines”