Regulatory Reporting Solution offers a complete solution package on statistical reporting compilation. It features all necessary function to complete the reporting from source data extraction, raw data messaging, report compilation, result adjustment, report presentation to report storage and archiving. In addition, its powerful auditing, data drill down and security feature helps user to ensure the report result accuracy and data security in one single system.

Features & Benefits

User Definable Report Format, Layout & Cell Mapping Rules

  • Support Different Types of Reports such as Cross Table, N-Table, and Listing.
  • Row and Column Definition
  • Mapping Rule Definition
  • Self Defined System Variables & Parameters
  • Visual Design Tool for Report Layout

Intelligent Data Handling

  • Holiday Handling
  • Compile Multi-Currency Reports
  • Working Sections
  • Flexible Reporting Schedule
  • “Last Period” Referencing

Effective Data Extraction

  • Instant Reports
  • Report Output in Different Format
  • Data feed
  • Report Browsing via IE

Audit Trial & Reconciliation

  • “One Click” Audit Trial Function
  • Report Approval
  • Report Versioning
  • Control of Report Data Dependencies
  • Reconciliation Report

Data Adjustment & Enrichment

  • Data Adjustment to adjust the figures in a report with audit log
  • Data Enrichment to maintain the data in database tables directly in SRSplus.
  • Reconciliation Report
  • Control of Report Data Dependencies

System Maintenance

  • Comprehensive System Security & Access Right Control
  • Data Backup & Archive by Year
  • Import & Export of Output Report Templates & Mapping Rules
    Mapping Rules Searching