Global Banking System GBS II

GBS II is the 2nd generation of ISID’s renowned GBS banking system. It is a comprehensive solution for overseas branches of banks and covers a wide range of operations including Money, Loan, Deposits, FOREX, Guarantee, Swap, Securities, Futures, Options, FRA and CAP/FLOR. GBS II also provides the function of back office accounting which fully automates the account booking of all transactions in the system.

GBS II is built around the IBM AS400 platform and has been proven to be very reliable. Since introduction, it has been implemented at more than 100 sites globally. To cater for our clients’ operations globally, the GBS II System is now being supported by a number of experienced teams located in America, Europe, Japan and Hong Kong.

Features & Benefits

  • Multi-currency and multi-user capability
  • Dealing management for Money, Loan, Deposits, FOREX, Guarantee, Interest/Currency Swap, Securities, Futures, Options, FRA and CAP/FLOR
  • Fully automated account booking for all dealings
  • Approval credit limit management
  • Saving/Current accounts transactions and balance handling, including calculation and booking of saving and overdraft interests
  • Supports on-shore and off-shore financial reporting
  • Fully automated term-end and term-start operations
  • Comprehensive access security and transactions entry audit trial features
  • Built-in interface files generation of our Statutory Reporting System (Banking) for HKMA returns.