StorQM PLUS offers a robust and scalable solution to mine and electronically distribute data locked in reports, eliminating costs and resources associated with printed reports.

StorQM PLUS currently installed in over 1,000 sites worldwide.StorQM PLUS provides record level access to reports and the transaction information within them. Users can extract, analyze, reformat, and electronically distribute information without writing software, re-keying data, or generating and distributing costly paper reports.

StorQM PLUS is a Web-based, scalable application with an ODBC standard back-end database for a stable environment.StorQM PLUS’ Web client enables access to reports by remote users and Web overlays for custom-formatted reports.

A Windows-based user interface with contemporary icons, hot keys, and toolbars make StorQM PLUS an intuitive report mining application for end-users.

StorQM PLUS’ processing engine is supported by SunGard ePI’s Gateway for fast, flexible ingestion of spool files. In addition, StorQM PLUS now supports ELM, the new standard for archiving. Updated export formats provide integration with current desktop applications and now supports export in XML format for analysis of report information.

Features & Benefits

  • Achieve faster and less costly report mining
  • Eliminate paper report generation and distribution costs
  • Improve business processes through efficient report distribution and data query
  • Increase customer service levels by providing access of information via web
  • Improve decision-making
  • Find and use information quickly and easily
  • Present information in its full context
  • Provide immediate connectivity to remote personnel
  • Process reports more quickly with dedicated report processing capacity.
  • Attain ease-of-use with intuitive Windows interface