BANKR is a credit risk management soluutions in correspondence with Basel Ⅲ.

BANKR, based on extensive experience in Asia, implemented the localized application on credit risk management field. On which commercial banks can advance to respond to credit risk management in Basel Ⅲ.

Features & Benefits



  • Rating (Borrower rationg and facility rating)
  • Five category classification
  • RWA (Risk Weighted Asset)
  • Economic capital
  • Credit risk desclosure

BANKR is built around modules that are divided into functions corresponding to each business operation, and the system can be built in incremental steps, starting from high-priority businesses



Credit risk management integrated and consolidated data platform

  • Common, centralized and shared in all modules

Strict and efficient borrower rating

  • Management by credit events
  • Rating by financial information, qualitative information and transaction information.

Elaborative five category classification

  • Cooperating with borrower ratings
  • Importing score card information

Measurement, analysis and monitoring

  • PDCA cycle based on rating validation function
  • Visualization of portfolio
  • Simulation of each economic scenario