BusinessSPECTRE is a simple (Extract, Transform and Load) ETL Tool, designed especially for loading data from SAP ERP into Microsoft SQL Server. The ETL process is fully preconfigured so that there is no need for programming. This key function also enables transferring the incremental transaction data from SAP ERP. BusinessSPECTRE can be installed quickly and is powerful enough for the professional use. For SAP ERP system users who prefer simple and agile Business Intelligence (BI), the combination of BusinessSPECTRE and Microsoft SQL Server is an easy and flexible alternative to a traditional heavyweight BI platform.

Features & Benefits



  • Extraction & auto conversion of SAP’s specific data format into legible format.
  • No programming is required during implementation. This drastically saves deployment time to build DWH by generating DWH tables automatically using SAPqueries.
  • Support incremental data transport mechanism based on SAP Change Document other than the following.
    • Complete Data Transfer
    • Incremental Data Transfer
    • Based on Created/Updated Date & also Counter/Timestamp
    • Based on Delete and Insert by Time Period
  • Maximize the usage of SQL Server’s Analyzing & Reporting service’s features to speed up time-line calculation and data presentation.
  • Comes with over 200 report templates, which cover main SAP modules such as FI, CO, SD & MM.


Excellent Productivity

  • In a real case, with 1 technical staff and 2 man months to complete to work of extracting data from 200+ tables into BI cube and create business report.
  • Not only simple steps in initial ETL setting but also simple to changes after configuration, such as adding a new data column is just 1 step away.
  • Both SAP standard table and add-on data field can be integrated (setup in less than 10 min.)

High Operability

  • Stable daily operation by the incremental data transfer and management.
  • In real case, we have reduced the ETL failing and error rate from to very frequent with other third parties ETL tools to only once in a few month with BusinessSPECTRE.