Cloud-based Enterprises Content Management

ISID CoGM is a powerful and fully managed Software as a Services (SaaS) Enterprises Content Management System, available on premise or in the cloud, to capture, store, manage, access, retrieve, annotate, share and synchronize information and documents including Outlook Email Online, efficiently and cost-effectively via reliable and secure platform.

Features & Benefits

  • Support the entire lifecycle of content management (from creation to retention/destruction) by access control, versioning control, audit trail, indexing, annotation, document synchronization (online/offline).
  • Mobility supports file content accessibility anytime anywhere (desktop, internet and mobile devices) and lead to an increased collaboration internally and to partners and customers by interchangeable and shared content across or outside the enterprises without the burden of VPN’s.
  • Help organizations go paperless to free up valuable office space and reduce cost of capital expenditure and storage, or maintenance.
  • Minimize compliance issues and risk by automatic control and audit for meeting mandated requirement.
  • Improve employees productivity and effectiveness by streamlining workflow and process (time or labor saving for filing and distribution). Reduce the burden on IT and execution-level staff who can focus on efficiencies and troubleshooting elsewhere.
  • Able to integrate with other enterprise system(s) and business application(s) such as work flow, databases (i.e. outlook email)