GoHRM, is a fully web-based efficient and cost-effective Human Resource Management Solution, offers unmatched breadth and depth of functionality for workforce management by unifying and automating HR daily operation. GoHRM allows companies to manage and centralize their employee information systematically in the entire employment life-cycle from recruitment, payroll, training, skill inventory, employee self-service (ESS), appraisal, remuneration to exit interview, to maximize ROI in talent management. The system can be on premise or in the public or private cloud.

Functional Modules

  • Group Management
  • Employee Information
  • Payroll Management
  • Time and Attendance & Mobile Phone Clocking
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Employee Self-Services (ESS)
  • Recruitment and Orientation
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Benefits Management
  • Learning Management
  • Employee Loan Management
  • Budget Management

Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive and user-friendly system with configurable setting enhances its flexibility of adjusting new workflow / process / structures
  • Improve HR and Admin productivity and effectiveness enabling far better and more timely decision-making
  • Manage and track comprehensive employee database in the entire employee life-cycle efficiently
  • Dashboard with visualized and graphical analysis for complete insight of HR tasks, workforce and KPI measurement…etc. for succession planning and overall productivity improvement.
  • Mobility of web-based / cloud-based solution enables applications more accessible to small and remote teams regardless of the locations
  • Supports multiple-branch and remote access, its flexible configuration support of local regulatory compliance compliable
  • Self-services portal allows self-information administration, enhances eco-workflow operation, increase efficiency, streamline communication and approval system, to boost staff empowerment and engagement
  • Streamline the recruitment processes by simplify posting job vacancies to a media, site and social media, automatically sorting applications,
  • Save cost and time from tedious and repetitive daily work for HR strategic planning focus.
  • Eliminate excessive efforts and errors involved in the payroll processes together so as to make paydays easier
  • Improve organizational efficiency and labor management by automating staff’s timekeeping-related processes (time and attendance and project timesheet), altogether with flexible shift scheduling, helps the management to have better workforce planning
  • Improve operational efficiency by systematizing training content, assignment, evaluation and analysis for talent management
  • Document centric design and traceability