INLOGi is integrated IT solution specialized for freight forwarding operation and management. The functions and features have been proven by many long-term customers and over 20 years of experience in logistics and IT industries.

INLOGi composed of 4 major modules below.

1) Ocean Freight Operation and Management System (OFOM)
2) Air Freight Operation and Management System (AFOM)
3) ContainerCargo Truck Operation System (CTS)
4) Financial Accounting Operation and Management System (FAOM)

In addittion to the core modules with rich standard functions and user experience, we also provide value-add sub modules as below.

  • Visibility Tool
  • eBooking and Tracking Module
  • Pre-Quotation Module

Features & Benefits


  • Support multi-languages and currencies
  • Support profit sharing among multiple sites
  • Consolidated management reports for multiple locations
  • Global customer handling
  • Vendor rate management
  • Quotation management
  • Invoice automation
  • Job closing and validation
  • Accounting integration
  • EDI Integration to external systems (e.g.) Cusoms, Carriers, 3rd party software
  • Compliance functions
  • Cloud / On-Premises implementation mode


  • Support decision making based on consolidated view of business figures
  • Minimize operational errors and cost
  • Enhance control on security and compliance
  • Integrate information to business partners
  • Provide solutions in order to fufill invididual customer needs
  • Provide flexibility and expandability for system usage


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